Saturday, 26 June 2010

Morgue book

This is an artist book from a bookwork project i did at university. The book is representative of the body, enclosed in cold and sterile metal surroundings, much like in a morgue. The withdrawn and dissociated presentation lends itself to a scientific appraisal of the body, further tying the object to the concept of a book as a repository for information.

The outside container of this book was made from a wooden support structure with sheet aluminium covering all visible surfaces.Very shiny. Unfortunately the aluminum also scratches very easily and has a particular fondness for finger prints.

 The plates or "pages" inside the book are sheet steel, making the complete book very heavy. They were created from photographs that were then burnt into the metal by acid using the photo-etching process normally used to create plates for printmaking.

This piece of work has been exhibited in Poland as well as at my university in Maidstone, England. It is also being arranged to be seen in an exhibition in Colombia. o_0 Still probably my most accomplished piece of work, but a pretty wild departure from my usual type of artwork.

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Joining the blogosphere

I guess it's time for me to finally jump on this blogging bandwagon. Here are a few old images that I'm still pretty keen on, just to get the ball rolling. These were all done completely in photoshop with the use of my trusty wacom graphics tablet. I'll post some more varied project work up soon. Enjoy!